ICDR Speaker Event with Dan Bihn
Friday, January 20, 2017 - 11:45am
ICDR Speaker Event with Dan Bihn

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PSU Market Center Building (MCB 316)

The Initiatives for Community and Disaster Resilience (ICDR) is an interdisciplinary institute whose focus is on research, educational outreach and community enlightenment. This initiative, created with the collaboration of the Center for Public Service and the Economics Department, aims to serve as an intellectual hub for students, scholars and practitioners to work on issues related to emergency management and preparedness and community resilience from natural disasters.

As part of its activities, ICDR hosts a series of speaker events such as this event with guest speaker Dan Bihn.

Dan Bihn is an engineer-storyteller who translates and communicates complex energy issues to nontechnical audiences through lectures, classes, and interactive eBooks. In 2013, he was an invited speaker at Tohoku University’s symposium for post-Fukushima disaster resilient energy systems. This was followed in early 2014 by a lecture series he gave in Jamaica on “Smart Energy Islands” funded by the Japan Foundation of New York. Dan has spent more than 7 years working and studying as an engineer in Japan. Today, he lives in Portland and frequently travels to Japan in search of important energy stories. He holds a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from UC Davis.