Tenure/Tenure-track/Research Faculty

Shelby Anderson
Associate Professor
PhD University of Washington 2011
Complex hunter-gatherers; social and technological change; ceramics; environmental archaeology; public archaeology; cultural resource management; Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Pacific Northwest 

ashelby@pdx.edu / 503-725-3318 / CH 141 - M
Provides academic advising


Douglas Deur
Associate Research Professor
PhD Louisiana State University 2000 (Geography and Anthropology)
Cultural and political ecology; cultural landscapes; indigenous peoples; ethnobiology; applied research; cultural perspectives on natural resource management and restoration; ethnohistory; Northwestern North America


Michele R. Gamburd
PhD University of Michigan 1995
Cultural anthropology; transnationalism; globalization; migration; alcohol consumption; disaster studies; violence; gender; aging; political economy; Sri Lanka, West Asia, South Asia 

gamburdm@pdx.edu /503-725-3317 / CH 141 - F
Provides academic advising


Charles Klein
Department Chair and Associate Professor

PhD University of Michigan 1996
Applied & medical anthropology; urban anthropology; food and nutritional security, emerging class identities; public space & constructed landscapes; health promotion; health disparities; gender/sexuality/queer theory; Brazil; North America 

charles.klein@pdx.edu / 503-725-3316 / CH 141 - P
Provides academic advising

Jeremy Spoon
Associate Professor
PhD University of Hawai'i 2008;
Environmental and applied anthropology, indigenous ecological knowledge, protected and conserved areas, natural disasters, public education, mixed-methods; Nepalese Himalaya, Western United States

jspoon@pdx.edu / 503-725-9729 / CH 141 - Q
Provides academic advising

Mrinalini Tankha
Assistant Professor
PhD Brandeis University 2013
Money and finance, exchange, economic anthropology, business, human-centered design, international development, applied anthropology, globalization, informal economy, Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean

mtankha@pdx.edu / CH 141 - O
Provides academic advising

Natalie Vasey
PhD Washington University 1997
Biological Anthropology; primate behavioral ecology; life history adaptations; primate evolution; endangered and recently extinct primates of Madagascar

nvasey@pdx.edu / 503-725-3912 / CH 141 - N
Provides academic advising

Lemur Conservation Foundation Field School

Douglas Wilson
Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD University of Arizona 1991
Historical archaeology, CRM, heritage and protected spaces, public archaeology; Western North America
doug@pdx.edu / 360-921-5241 / CH 141 - I

Fort Vancouver Archaeological Field School