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Dr. Melanie Chang
Dr. Melanie Chang

Dr. Melanie L. Chang

Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD University of Pennsylvania 2005

Dr. Chang completed a dual PhD in physical anthropology and ecology/evolutionary biology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005, and a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral genetics at UCSF in 2008. Her primary interests include the systematics and phylogeny of Middle Pleistocene Homo, particularly the origins and evolution of Neandertals and modern humans. She has conducted fieldwork in paleoanthropology and Paleolithic archaeology in western Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East, and is currently the principal human paleontologist for the Druze Marsh Paleolithic Project, North Azraq, Jordan. Dr. Chang is also interested in reflexive examinations of paleoanthropological practice, scientific writing, and intersections between scientific and public discourses, especially in the context of evolutionary studies.

Selected publications

Nowell, A., Chang, M.L. (2014) Science, the Media, and Interpretations of Upper Paleolithic Figurines. American Anthropologist 116(3): 562-577. DOI: 10.1111/aman.12121.

Cordova, C., Nowell, A., Bisson, M., Ames, C.J.H., Pokines, J., Chang, M.L., and al-Nahar, M. (2012) Interglacial and Glacial Desert Refugia and the Middle Paleolithic of the Azraq Oasis, Jordan. Quaternary International

Yokoyama, J.S., Lam, E.T., Ruhe, A.L., Erdman, C.A.,Robertson, K.R., Webb, A.A., Williams, D.C., Chang, M.L., Hytonen, M.K., Lohi, H., Hamilton, S.P., and Neff, M.W. (2012) Variation in Genes Related to Cochlear Biology Is Strongly Associated with Adult-Onset Deafness in Border Collies. PLOSGenetics 8(9).

Chang, M.L., Yokoyama, J.S., Branson, N., Dyer, D., Overall, K.L, and Hamilton, S.P.  (2009) Intra-breed Stratification Related to Divergent Selection Regimes in Purebred Dogs Affects the Interpretation of Genetic Association Studies. Journal of Heredity 100(Supplement 1): S28-S36.

Nowell, A. and Chang, M.L. (2009) The case against sexual selection as an explanation of handaxe morphology. PaleoAnthropology 2009: 77-88.

Chang, M.L.  (2006) Taxonomic characters in Middle Pleistocene systematics.  Periodicum Biologorum 108(4): 403-415.

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