Faculty Research

The Anthropology Department faculty have a wide range of research interests, including socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Visit our Selected Works Author Gallery page on the library website to view electronic versions of published materials.

Office Hours

During fall, winter, and spring quarters, faculty are available during their regularly posted office hours. Faculty who can provide advising are indicated as such. Feel free to "drop in" during office hours; faculty will be present and you do not need to make an appointment before coming by.

Faculty and Staff

Listed below please find faculty and staff grouped in the following categories

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Undergraduate Advising


All students have been assigned to one of five Academic Advisors in the Language, Culture and Meaning pathway. Use your PSU ID number to determine your advisor.

Advisors are taking appointments, via phone or zoom, and are ready to help you navigate all questions related to meeting requirements for your degree.  

00-19: Roxanne James -
20-39: Tanya Romaniuk -
40-59: Jon Rousseau -
60-79: Any LCM Advisor -
80-99: Any LCM Advisor -


Full-Time Faculty

Shelby Anderson
Faculty Profile

CH 141M
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Washington 2011; Associate Professor
Complex hunter-gatherers; social and technological change; ceramics; environmental archaeology; public archaeology; cultural resource management; Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Pacific Northwest


Virginia L. Butler
Faculty Profile

CH 141H
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. University of Washington,1990; Professor and Chair
Archaeology, zooarchaeology, site formation processes, public archaeology; Western North America


Michele R. Gamburd
Faculty Profile

CH 141F
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1995; Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Cultural anthropology; transnationalism; globalization; migration; alcohol consumption; disaster studies; violence; gender; aging; political economy; Sri Lanka, West Asia, South Asia


Charles Klein
Faculty Profile

CH 141P
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1996; Associate Professor
Applied & medical anthropology; urban anthropology; food and nutritional security, emerging class identities; public space & constructed landscapes; health promotion; health disparities; gender/sexuality/queer theory; Brazil; North America


Jeremy Spoon
Faculty Profile

CH 141Q
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. University of Hawai'i, 2008; Associate Professor
Environmental and applied anthropology, indigenous ecological knowledge, protected and conserved areas, natural disasters, public education, mixed-methods; Nepalese Himalaya, Western United States. 


Sarah Sterling
Faculty Profile

CH 141E
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. University of Washington, 2004; Assistant Professor, Affiliate Faculty Middle Eastern Studies Center
Predynastic and Old Kingdom Egypt; North America; geoarchaeology; evolutionary theory, social complexity; ceramic analysis


Mrinalini Tankha
Faculty Profile

CH 141O
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. Brandeis University, 2013; Assistant Professor
Money and finance, exchange, economic anthropology, business, human-centered design, international development, applied anthropology, globalization, informal economy, Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean


Natalie Vasey
Faculty Profile

CH 141N
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. Washington University, 1997; Professor
Biological Anthropology; primate behavioral ecology; life history adaptations; primate evolution; endangered and recently extinct primates of Madagascar
Biological Anthropology at PSU
Lemur Conservation Foundation Field School


Douglas Wilson
Faculty Profile

CH 141I

Ph.D. University of Arizona, 1991; Adjunct Associate Professor
Historical archaeology, CRM, heritage and protected spaces, public archaeology; Western North America
Fort Vancouver Archaeological Field School


Faculty Emeriti

Kenneth M. Ames
Faculty Profile
In Memoriam

Ph.D. Washington State University, 1976; Professor & Chair Emeritus

Archaeology; method and theory; cultural ecology; complex hunter-gatherers; social archaeology; northeast Asia, North America


Sharon A. Carstens
Faculty Profile

CH 141-G
Provides academic advising

Ph.D. Cornell University, 1980; Professor
Cultural anthropology; symbolic anthropology; identity; gender; ethnohistory; education; China, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Asian Americans


Marc R. Feldesman
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. University of Oregon, 1974; Professor & Chair Emeritus
Physical anthropology; primate and human evolution; primate anatomy; evolutionary theory; morphometrics; computer applications; forensic osteology


Jacob Fried

Ph.D. Yale University; Professor Emeritus
Culture change and acculturation; psychological anthropology; adaptation to specialized and severe physical settings; Latin America, Arctic, and Subarctic America


Research Faculty and Affiliates


Martin E. Adams
Faculty Profile 

M.A., Portland State University, 2008; Departmental Affiliate 
Archaeoentomology, human and animal ectoparasites, prehistoric human entomophagy, introduced species, medical and veterinary entomology.


Umesh Basnet photoUmesh Basnet

M.S. Tribhuwan University. 2015; Department Affiliate
Environmental science, climate change, sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation


James Beebe
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. Stanford University, 1978; Departmental Affiliate
Applied social sciences, qualitative research methodology, international development anthropology, social change, public policy, leadership; Philippines, South Africa


Maria Beebe
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. Stanford University, 1993; Departmental Affiliate
Applied sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, women’s leadership, information communication technologies (ICT) for development


Robert Boyd
Faculty Profile


Ph.D. University of Washington. 1985; Departmental Affiliate
Northwest Native American early contact era ethnohistory; culture contact and change; disease and demography; historical epidemiology; depopulation and its cultural effects; hunter-gatherer resource management and anthropogenic fire


Melissa DarbyMelissa Darby
Faculty Profile

M.A. Portland State University,1996; Departmental Affiliate
Archaeology; history; cultural resource management; ethnohistory of Native people of western Oregon: settlement patterns, vernacular architecture, and plant foods used by the indigenous people of the region


Douglas Deur
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2000 (Geography and Anthropology); Associate Research Professor
Cultural and political ecology; cultural landscapes; indigenous peoples; ethnobiology; applied research; cultural perspectives on natural resource management and restoration; ethnohistory; Northwestern North America


Jill K. Gardner
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2006; Departmental Affiliate
Hunter-gatherer cultural development, settlement and subsistence practices, migration patterns, the role of environment in social complexity, social and political change, forensic anthropology, cultural resources management; Native North America, California, the Mojave Desert, Egypt, Jordan

Alisa Rai

M.S. Tribhuwan University. 2015; Department Affiliate
Environmental science, ecosystem-based adaptation, and social-ecological transformation


Xia Zhang
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. University of Pittsburg, 2011; Departmental Affiliate
Globalization, urbanization, gender (esp. masculinity), development, new media, youth, migration, labor politics, China, East Asia


Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Aengst
Faculty Profile

CH 141L

Ph.D. University of California-Davis. 2011; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cultural and Medical Anthropology; reproduction; population studies; fertility politics; gender; contraceptive technologies; ethnic/religious conflict; Ladakh, Himalayas, South Asia


Tracy J. Andrews
Faculty Profile

Ph.D. University of Arizona. 1985, M.PH. Columbia University. 1988; Adjunct Professor
Sociocultural Anthropology; Native Americans;  Medical Anthropology; Ecological and Natural Resources Anthropology; Minority and International Health Issues ; Political Ecology; Gender.


Melanie Lee Chang
Faculty Profile 

CH 141U

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania. 2005; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology; ecology and evolutionary biology; paleoanthropology; Paleolithic archaeology; systematics; evolutionary genetics; scientific writing


William Cornett
Faculty Profile

M.A. Portland State University, 1998; Adjunct Instructor
Political Ecology; Power and Resistance; Ethnographic Writing; Folklore


David Lee Moore
Faculty Profile

CH 141L

Ph.D. (ABD) Simon Fraser University, M.A. Portland State University, 1994; Adjunct Instructor
Cultural Anthropology; Southeast Asia; South Asia; Nationalism; Ethnicity; Globalization; Historical Anthropology


Amiee Potter
Faculty Profile

CH 141I

Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological Anthropology; Molecular Anthropology; Skeletal Biology; Human Evolution; Craniofacial growth and development; Peopling of the Americas; bioarchaeology of southern California and the Great Basin


Cameron M. Smith
Faculty Profile

CH 141J

Ph.D. Simon Fraser University, 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Archaeology; spatial analysis; lithic usewear analysis; European and North American Prehistory; evolution


Mary Soots
Faculty Profile

CH 141U

M.A. Portland State University, 2009; Adjunct Instructor
Latin America; environmental and economic sustainability; geography; Hispanic communities in Oregon


Office Staff

Department Coordinator

Becky Hoven
CH 141A

Office Assistant (Sept-June)

Samantha Contreras Leos
CH 141A