Natalie Vasey

Dr. Natalie Vasey

PhD, Washington University, 1997

Dr. Vasey's work explores the behavioral ecology, life history adaptations, and evolution of primates, with a focus on the endangered and recently extinct primates of Madagascar. Natalie has presented her research at international venues, published in leading scientific journals, and edits a monograph series titled Primate Field Studies (Prentice Hall). She is dedicated to educating students and the public-at-large about the lifestyles and conservation status of our closest relatives in the Animal Kingdom. She is perhaps best known for her long-term work on red variegated lemurs of the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar.

Natalie Vasey, Ursula Gohlich (Vienna Natural History Museum), Laurie Godfrey (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and the Vienna skull of Hadropithecus stenognathus, an extinct giant lemur discovered at Andrahomana Cave in southeastern Madagascar. The skull was found in 1899, the top of the eye orbit in 2003. The skeletal fragments of this individual were reunited (pictured here) during Vasey and Godfrey's visit to the Vienna Natural History Museum in August of 2008.

Natalie photographing wild red variegated lemurs from a tree canopy platform in December 2009. The tree the lemurs are feeding in was first mapped and tagged in 1994 within the trail system she created to study this critically endangered lemur in one of its last strongholds, the lowland rainforests of northeastern Madagascar's Masoala Peninsula.

Select Recent Publications

Vasey N, Burney DA, Godfrey LR.  (2013)  Archaeolemur coprolites from Anjohikely Cave in Northwestern Madagascar reveal dietary diversity and cave use in a subfossil prosimian.  In: Masters J, Gamba M, Genin F (eds): Leaping Ahead: Advances in Prosimian Biology.  New York: Springer, pp. 149-156.

Vasey N.  (2011)  Red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra).  In: Rowe N, Myers M (eds): All the World’s Primates,   Charlestown, Rhode Island: Primate Conservation Inc. 
Razakamaharavo VR, McGuire SM, Vasey N, Louis EE Jr., Brenneman, RA. (2010) Genetic architecture of two red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) populations of Masoala National Park.  Primates 51:53-61.

Ryan TM, Burney DA, Godfrey LR, Göhlich UB, Jungers WL, Vasey N, Ramilisonina, Walker AC, Weber GW.  2008.  A reconstruction of the Vienna skull of Hadropithecus stenognathus.  Proceedings of National Academy of Science. 105:10699-10702.

Burney DA, Vasey N, Godfrey LR, Ramilisonina, Jungers W, Ramarolahy MF, Raharivony L.  (2008)  New Findings at Andrahomana Cave, Southeastern Madagascar.  Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 70(1):13-24.

Vasey N.  2007. The breeding system of wild red ruffed lemurs (Varecia rubra).  Primates 48:41-54.

Curriculum Vita (Short)

Primatology Field Methods Course at the Lemur Conservation Foundation

Biological Anthropology at PSU