Jennifer Aengst

Dr. Jennifer Aengst

Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California - Davis, 2011

Dr. Aengst's research interests include cultural and medical Anthropology, reproduction, population, fertility politics, gender, the development of contraceptive technologies, Ladakh, Himalayas, and South Asia. Her dissertation research analyzed how reproductive politics were impacting ethnic/religious conflict among Buddhists and Muslims in northwest India.

Recent Publications

Aengst, J, Harrington E, Bahulekar P, Shivkumar P, Jensen J, and Garg BS (2016) “Perceptions of Nonsurgical Permanent Contraception in India: exploratory research,” Indian Journal of Public Health, in press.

Aengst, Jennifer (2015) “Contraception” In The Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, edited by Patricia Whelehan and Anne Bolin. Malden, Oxford: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.

Harrington EK, Gordon D, Osgood-Roach I, Jensen JT, and Aengst J (2014) “Conceptualizing risk and effectiveness: A qualitative study of women’s and providers’ perceptions on nonsurgical female permanent contraception,” Contraception Vol 90, Issue 3, pg 349-350.

Harrington EK, Gordon D, Bahulekar P, Garg BS, Osgood-Roach I, Jensen JT, Aengst J (2014) “Interest in nonsurgical female permanent contraception among men in Portland, Oregon and eastern Maharashtra, India,” Contraception Vol 90, Issue 3, pg 349.

Aengst, Jennifer (2014) “Silences and Moral Narratives: Infanticide as Reproductive Disruption,” Medical Anthropology. Vol. 33, Issue 5.

Aengst, Jennifer (2014) co-editor, Special Issue of Ethnos “Intimacies and Sexualities in Out-of-the-Way Places,” doi: 10.1080/00141844.2013.813057

Aengst, Jennifer (2014) “Adolescent Movements: Dating, Elopements, and Youth Policing in Ladakh, India” Ethnos, doi: 10.1080/00141844.2013.813057

Aengst, Jennifer (2013) “The Politics of Fertility: Population and Pronatalism in Ladakh” Himalaya: The Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, Vol. 32: No.1, Article 11.

Aengst, Jennifer  (2011) Review of the book Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement,Association for Feminist Anthropology. Available online at:

Aengst, Jennifer and Layne, Linda (2010) “A Need to Bleed? A Feminist Technology Assessment of Menstrual Suppressing Birth Control Pills” In Layne, Vostral, and Boyer (Eds.) Feminist Technology Chicago, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Aengst, Jennifer (2008) “Representation and Perception: Why Reproduction Matters in Ladakh” Ladakh Studies No.23.

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