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The Department of Anthropology offers the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Science. The programs are designed to give the student a graduate level of competence in general anthropology, including the major subfields of biological anthropology, archaeology, and sociocultural anthropology. At the same time, the programs permit the student to pursue a special interest in one of the subfields. Students have the option of choosing one of three tracks: thesis, applied, or skills-based.

The applied track is designed to prepare students for professional employment related to applied anthropology. The thesis track candidate is required to do research in an area of special interest and prepare a thesis based upon it. The skills-based track includes courses and comprehensive exams.

Visit the Anthropology graduate program section in the PSU Bulletin. If you have any questions that are not addressed on our FAQ page, please contact one of the following professors: 

Dr. Michele Gamburd
Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Charles Klein
Department Chair

Graduate Advisers

Graduate students are assigned advisers by the department upon acceptance to the program based on student research interests and faculty availability. However, graduate applicants can indicate faculty members with whom they are interested in working in their Statement of Intent. Applicants with a strong preference for a particular faculty member should contact faculty before applying.

By agreeing to work with a graduate student, the faculty member agrees to make him or herself available for regular meetings, either in person or over phone/email; provide timely notice if meetings must be moved or canceled; advise the student in areas such as appropriate coursework and research foci; provide planning and support for the student to make progress in the program; and serve on the student's thesis committee.

Likewise, by entering the graduate program the student agrees to meet with his or her adviser on a regular basis, either in person or over phone/email; provide timely notice if meetings must be moved or canceled; and make steady progress through the program per a plan agreed upon with his or her adviser.

Teaching Assistantships

The Anthropology Department offers 3-5 teaching assistantships per year. These assistantships provide nine hours of tuition reimbursement per quarter (but do not cover fees or books), as well as a monthly stipend. New applicants can fill out the TA application as part of the online application process. If you are already a graduate student in the program, apply via the Graduate Assistantship application form.

Graduate Planning Forms
We have created simple planning forms for current students and advisers to use in scheduling courses.
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