Grad Program


Q: I don't have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology. May I still apply for the PSU graduate program?
A: Yes, you may still apply. But we will ask that you take some undergraduate courses to bring you up to speed in any subfield with which you are not yet familiar. Your chance of admission increases if you have already taken some or all of the remediating courses mentioned below, or courses like them at another institution. 
The Anthropology faculty feel that incoming students need adequate preparation in each subfield before they take the three graduate core seminars at the heart of PSU's MA/MS program: Anth 511: Core Seminar in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Anth 550: Core Seminar in Archaeology, and Anth 570: Core Seminar in Physical Anthropology.
Therefore we ask that you have taken the following courses, or courses like them, before taking the Cores:

  • Anth 304: Social Theory or Anth 305: Culture Theory
  • Anth 350: Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Anth 370: Paleoanthropology or Anth 372: Human Variability

Courses in related disciplines may also serve. For example, if you have a BS in Biology, we are unlikely to ask you to take background classes in Physical Anthropology, and if you have a BA in Sociology, we are unlikely to ask you to take background classes in Socio-Cultural Anthropology. We prefer that your background courses be at the 300 (junior) or 400 (senior) level.
Q: When is the Graduate Program application due?
A: The application is due on February 1 at 11:59pm.
Q: How do I submit transcripts?
A: See the Graduate Admission Transcript Requirements page for more info. 

Q: Do you require the GRE?
A: The GRE is optional. The submission—or non-submission—of GRE scores will not negatively impact whether an applicant is admitted to our Master’s degree program.
Q: Do you require a minimum undergraduate GPA?
A: Yes. The student must have a minimum of a 3.25 grade point average in anthropology courses and an overall GPA of 3.00. In the case of extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be considered, subject to the University's requirements for graduate admissions. 
Q: What sort of funding is available from the Anthropology Department?
A: The Department currently has five TA-ships (15 terms of tuition remission and stipend) to distribute among approximately 30 graduate students. We usually choose to distribute TA-ships evenly between new and returning students. Other financial support may be available through faculty grants and through University scholarships. Please see our Scholarships page for more information.
Q: Is there a short, easy way to keep track of MA/MS degree requirements?
A: The Department has created degree planning documents for the Applied Track and Thesis Track.
Q: Is there handbook that brings together in one place lots of things grad students might want to know?
A: Yes! The Department has created a graduate student handbook containing many useful references.
Q: Who should I contact if I my question isn't answered on this page?
A: Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Michele Gamburd, at