Doug Wilson

Dr. Doug Wilson

Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD, University of Arizona, 1991

Dr. Wilson's research interests include the colonial archaeology of the Pacific Northwest of North America, cultural identity, labor history, method and theory, and public archaeology and cultural resources management. He currently serves as the Historical Archaeologist to the Partnerships Program, Pacific West Region of the National Park Service and is the Director of the Northwest Cultural Resources Institute (NCRI), a partnership program at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver, Washington.

Dr. Wilson continues to explore the historical archaeology of the Pacific Northwest and has a number of projects at Fort Vancouver National Historical Site. One of the projects is synthesizing research on the Fort Vancouver Village, a multicultural community that formed the heart of the British fur-trade headquarters post.  Archaeological research has been driven by the program’s Public Archaeology Field School, which has sampled houses and landscape from the Village to explore the nature of cultural identity, technological change, globalization, and public interpretation.  Another project is exploring the historical Spruce Mill at U.S. Military Vancouver Barracks.  This World War I industrial site milled Sitka Spruce from the Olympics and Coast Range to manufacture aviation-grade lumber to make aircraft to support the war effort.  This mill employed 3000 soldiers of the Spruce Production Division and the remains of their tent city and the industrial mill parts are tangible remnants of the World War I home front in the Pacific Northwest. Research is addressing the nature of sustainable natural resources management and the struggle for labor rights during the early 20th century.


Recent Publications:

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