Departmental Affiliates

Martin E. Adams
MA, Portland State University, 2008; Departmental Affiliate 
Archaeoentomology, human and animal ectoparasites, prehistoric human entomophagy, introduced species, medical and veterinary entomology 

James Beebe
PhD Stanford University, 1978; Departmental Affiliate 
Applied social sciences, qualitative research methodology, international development anthropology, social change, public policy, leadership; Philippines, South Africa

Maria Beebe
PhD Stanford University, 1993; Departmental Affiliate 
Applied sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, women’s leadership, information communication technologies (ICT) for development

Robert Boyd
PhD University of Washington 1985; Departmental Affiliate 
Northwest Native American early contact era ethnohistory; culture contact and change; disease and demography; historical epidemiology; depopulation and its cultural effects; hunter-gatherer resource management and anthropogenic fire

Jill K. Gardner
PhD University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2006; Departmental Affiliate
Hunter-gatherer cultural development, settlement and subsistence practices, migration patterns, the role of environment in social complexity, social and political change, forensic anthropology, cultural resources management; Native North America, California, the Mojave Desert, Egypt, Jordan