Charles Klein

Dr. Charles Klein

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Michigan, 1996

Dr. Charles Klein's research interests include applied and medical anthropology; urban anthropology; food and nutritional security, emerging class identities; public space & constructed landscapes; health promotion; health disparities; gender/sexuality/queer theory; Brazil; North America.

Dr. Klein is currently Principal Investigator on two major research studies (1) a National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) Phase II SBIR grant through Sociometrics Corporation to develop Real Talk, a new sexual health promotion program for Black gay men/MSM (2013-2016; grant # 2R44MD005812-02); and (2) “Social Mobility, Poverty Reduction, and Democracy in an Emerging Middle Class,” a National Science Foundation-funded study based in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife, Brazil (2015-2017; grant #1534261; collaborators: Sean Mitchell, Rutgers-New Jersey and Benjamin Junge, SUNY-New Paltz). His Brazilian research agenda also includes projects on food security and urban planning/constructed landscapes in São Paulo periphery neighborhoods. He is currently developed a transgender health promotion program in partnership  with ETR Associates and Dr. Christina Sun (PSU School of Community Health).

Recent Publications and Health Promotion Products

2015. Klein, Charles H. Community Responses to Food and Nutritional Security in Brazil. In Chad Morris & Alexandra DeLaricheliere (eds). The Applied Anthropology of Obesity: Prevention, Intervention and Identity. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books/Rowan & Littlefield.

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2014. Kuhn, Tamara, Alejandra Moreno, Charles H. Klein, Rick Hassen and JJ Card. Project SAFE [computer-delivered STI risk reduction program for Latinas]. Los Altos, CA: Sociometrics Corporation.

2013. Klein, Charles H., Lomonaco, Carmela, Pavlescak, Rik & Card, J. J. 2013. “WiLLOW: Reaching HIV-Positive African-American Women through a Computer-Delivered Intervention.” AIDS and Behavior 17(9): 3013-23.

2013. Raghupathy, Shobana, Klein, Charles H. & J.J. Card.  2013. “Online Activities for Enhancing Sex Education Curricula: Preliminary Evidence on the Effectiveness of the Abstinence and Contraception Education Storehouse.” Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services 12(2): 160-171.

2011. Klein, Charles H. and Card, J.J. 2011. “Preliminary Efficacy of a Computer-Delivered HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Teenage Females.” AIDS Education and Prevention
23(6): 564-576.

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