Bachelors + Masters in Anthropology

Bachelor's + Master's in Anthropology

Students in the BA or BS Anthropology undergraduate program may be admitted directly into the parallel Anthropology master’s program (i.e., BA students for the MA, and BS students for the MS) and share up to 20 graduate-level credits (five 4-credit courses) between their bachelor and master’s degrees. 

Admissions. Students first submit an initial B+M application program to the Anthropology Graduate Coordinator. Initial applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with three annual deadlines:
                November 15 for a Winter term start
                February 15 for a Spring term start
                May 15 for a Fall term start

Initial Application Materials. The initial application will require (1) an (unofficial) transcript demonstrating that student has met the admissions criteria, (2) a 500-word personal statement outlining the applicant’s career and educational goals, and 3) the names of two Anthropology faculty members who support the application. 

Admissions Criteria. The following conditions must be met for an initial application to the B+M program:

  • Declared Anthropology major who has completed or is enrolled in the three, 300-level major core requirements: ANTH 304 or 305, ANTH 350, and ANTH 370 or ANTH 372.
  • 3.5  GPA in Anthropology courses
  • 3.3 PSU institutional GPA
  • Junior or senior standing at PSU

Formal Application. If the Anthropology Department approves the initial application, the Anthropology Graduate Coordinator will send the student an email inviting them to submit a formal application to the Graduate School for the MA/MS master’s degree in Anthropology.

Program Continuation Requirements

  • All 500-level courses must be taken at PSU for a grade of B or better
  • All undergraduate classes must receive a  grade of C or better. No P/NP credit for either program
  • The departmental residency requirement for undergraduate credit prior to admission is 24 credits. The PUS institutional requirement for residency for the undergraduate program is that 45 of the last 60 credits  must be taken in residence at PSU

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.3 in 500-level courses and 3.5 in 400-level and below courses in order to maintain their status in the MA/MS program.

Advising for the Bachelor + Masters

Students interested in the B+M may receive advising from any tenure line faculty in the department, who will help students determine if they are likely candidates for the B+M. Through these conversations, students should identify two faculty tenure line faculty members who support their admission to the  B+M, and these faculty will help the student put their application packet together.