Anthropology Programs

Undergraduate Program

For undergraduates, our program facilitates connections between academic and applied contexts, assisting students in the transition from classroom to a myriad of professional contexts. It provides students with a vista of the diversity of the human experience and of anthropology while at the same time giving them entree into the faculty's more specialized areas of scholarship. Our program introduces students to Anthropology's central intellectual tenets, including the culture concept and to the intellectual importance of the subfields and their interplay. It also grounds students in key concepts, theories, methods and substantive knowledge of the subfields.

Go to our undergraduate program page or visit the Anthropology undergraduate program section in the PSU Bulletin.

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing archaeology as a career can find more information on the Archaeology page.

Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology offers the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Science. The programs are designed to give the student a graduate level of competence in general anthropology, including the major subfields of biological anthropology, archaeology, and sociocultural anthropology. At the same time, the programs permit the student to pursue a special interest in one of the subfields. Students have the option of choosing either the thesis track or the applied track. The applied track is designed to prepare students for professional employment related to applied anthropology. The thesis track candidate is required to do research in an area of special interest and prepare a thesis based upon it.

Go to our graduate program page or visit the Anthropology graduate program section in the PSU Bulletin. Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator (Michele Gamburd, if you have any questions that are not addressed on our FAQ page