Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Aengst
PhD University of California - Davis 2011; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cultural and medical anthropology; reproduction; population studies; fertility politics; gender; contraceptive technologies; ethnic/religious conflict; Ladakh, Himalayas, South Asia

Tracy J. Andrews
PhD University of Arizona 1985, MPH Columbia University 1988; Adjunct Professor
Sociocultural anthropology; Native Americans; medical anthropology; ecological and natural resources anthropology; minority and international health issues ; political ecology; gender

Thomas J. Brown
MS Portland State University 2016

Melanie Lee Chang
PhD University of Pennsylvania 2005; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology; ecology and evolutionary biology; paleoanthropology; Paleolithic archaeology; systematics; evolutionary genetics; scientific writing

Robert David
PhD University of California-Berkeley 2012
North American rock art, Indigenous Community archaeology, landscape archaeology, shamanism in the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Plateau, and Great Basin, Native American myth and rituals

Michael Kilman
MS Portland State University

David Gene Lewis
PhD University of Oregon 2009

Cultural anthropology, ethnohistory, Native Peoples of Oregon and Northern California, tribal treaties and reservations, 19th Century ethnography, Federal Indian policy

David Lee Moore
PhD (ABD) Simon Fraser University, MA Portland State University 1994; Adjunct Instructor
Cultural anthropology; Southeast Asia; South Asia; nationalism; ethnicity; globalization; historical anthropology

Reno Nims
MS Portland State University 2016

Amiee Potter
PhD University of Oregon 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology; molecular anthropology; skeletal biology; human evolution; craniofacial growth and development; peopling of the Americas; bioarchaeology of southern California and the Great Basin

Cameron M. Smith
PhD Simon Fraser University 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Archaeology; spatial analysis; lithic usewear analysis; European and North American Prehistory; evolution

Sarah Sterling
PhD University of Washington 2004; Assistant Professor, Affiliate Faculty Middle Eastern Studies Center
Predynastic and Old Kingdom Egypt; North America; geoarchaeology; evolutionary theory, social complexity; ceramic analysis

Dan Stueber
BM Berklee College of Music, 1971
Living technology, stone tools and flintknapping, paleontology

Steven Thomson
PhD Boston University 2006
Socio-cultural anthropology, historical research, ethnicity and local diversity, anthropology of gender, political economy, international development, local government: citizenship and transnationalism, African ethnography, anthropology of disaster, anthropological theory: folklore and performance

Xia Zhang
PhD University of Pittsburg 2011; Departmental Affiliate; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Globalization, urbanization, gender (esp. masculinity), development, new media, youth, migration, labor politics, China, East Asia