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Documenting women peacemakers
Documenting women peacemakers

After receiving her Master of Science in Conflict Resolution from PSU, Emi Noma hit the road, traveling to Uganda, Serbia and Cameroon to document the stories of women doing remarkable peace and justice work in international post-conflict settings. Noma’s work is part of the Women PeaceMakers program at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ) in San Diego, CA. In early 2006, Noma went to Uganda as part of the Kroc Institute's Uganda Project, serving as an international observer for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The California native spent her undergraduate years in Nebraska, eventually finding herself eager to return to the West Coast.

"The CR program at Portland State was appealing because of the breadth of issues it covers and its interdisciplinary nature," Noma recalls. "In my first year, I was able to take classes that integrated philosophy, psychology, sociology, international relations, political science and literature. This was important to me, as I felt I had been in a "bubble" at my school in Nebraska, and I had a lot to catch up on! And, of course, the setting of the school was a big draw — Portland is a beautiful city with such a tremendous community feel."

Noma appears in the center of the photo, taken during a radio program in Cameroon where she interviewed local peace activist Susana Tenjoh-Okwen.