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Carol Lundin (MSW '05)
Carol Lundin (MSW '05)

Since receiving her M.S.W. in 2005 - one year after her breast cancer diagnosis - Carol Lundin has been creating programs in the Portland area empowering communities and cancer survivors to recognize their courage and ability to 'contribute'. She has expanded activity based support programs offered by The Cancer Community Renewal Project (CCRP) ( a non profit she co-founded in 2000. These programs honor the resiliency in survivors, inspiring them to reach beyond their diagnosis to find joy and adventure each day.

Carol's adventurous "out of the box" spirit will lead her back to Massachusetts to help her aging parents as she becomes the Adjustment Counselor at the Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School (CMRCPS). The CMRCPS uses Expeditionary Learning Design Principles and exemplifies how Carol tries to live her life and help others live theirs: Compassion, Service, Community and Self-Discovery.

She will return to Portland regularly to coordinate local CCRP programs.