Alumnus Mark Jackson '95 honored at 2013 President's Diversity Awards
Author: PSU Alumni Association
Posted: May 22, 2013

Today, Portland State University President Wim Weiwel will honor seven nominees in the following categories for their outstanding accomplishments at the Ninth Annual President's Diversity Awards.  

1) Faculty member
2) Staff member
3) Undergraduate student
4) Graduate student
5) Alumnus
6) Donor
7)Team project

For the full list of 2013 winners, please click here.

The Portland State University Alumni Association would like to extend congratulations to the nominee in the Alumnus category, Mark Jackson.


A native of Portland, Oregon, Mr. Jackson is a 1995 graduate of Portland State University with credentials in Sociology, Communications, English and Black Studies. He was a recipient of the Portland State University Leadership Fellows Program for Nonprofit Management in 1995. He has since worked for reputable non-profit organizations such as Self Enhancement Inc. and the I Have a Dream Foundation- Oregon.

In 2001, Mr. Jackson co-founded REAP, Inc. (Reaching Empowering All People), a nonprofit organization and currently serves as the Vice President/Executive Director. REAP serves as a visionary leader whose aim is to turn problems into solutions in the areas of youth development, public education, family motivation and community building.

REAP's mission is to be proactively involved to engage and empower students, families and community for a better future now, and it has achieved a 96% graduation success rate. REAP pursues its mission by investing in students and providing a window into their future; elevating student voice and empowering students to converse with business, community & political leaders; teaching the importance of health & wellness; developing innovation toward entrepreneurship; engaging students in problem solving projects for analytical and critical skill building; and empowering global leaders today.