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Second major

Major Advising USP

If you want to complete more than one major, you can do so by completing the requirements for a second major in addition to the general education, degree, and first major requirements. Depending on the majors, some courses may be applied towards both major requirements. Courses taken to complete the Upper Division Cluster requirements may also be used to complete a requirement for a second major or a minor (but not a first major).  Please see your advisor for more information about how a second major may impact your requirements.

A complete list of majors and links to their websites and degree maps is listed on the Undergraduate Programs page.

Concurrent Degrees

Students may receive two different bachelor's degrees in two different major programs at the same time (e.g., BA in English and BS in Environmental Science) by completing the following requirements:

  1. meet the requirements in the specific bachelor's degree (BA, BS, BFA, BM, BFA), the general education requirements AND each major's requirements; 
  2. earn 36 credits beyond the 180 minimum required for a single bachelor's degree (i.e., 216 credits total); and
  3. meet the PSU residence credit requirement by completing 45 of the last 60 or 165 of the total 216 at PSU.