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Minors and certificates

A variety of minors and certificates are available to supplement your educational program. A minor or a certificate provides expertise in an additional field of study to augment your major. Minors and certificates generally require fewer credits than a major. Most programs that are available as a major also offer a minor in that discipline. Some departments also offer minors which are very specialized or are not offered as majors. It is important to seek advising for the minor(s) you have chosen to better understand the minor requirements and learn which courses could potentially satisfy both your minor requirements and your University Studies requirements.

You may declare a minor or certificate online in your Banweb account. Instructions are found on the Office of the Registrar page.

Undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates - Programs being offered as both minors are denoted with a lowercase "m."

Note: Courses taken to complete the Upper Division Cluster requirements may also be used to complete a requirement for a minor or certificate (but not a first major).