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Will I be able to get a good job with a degree in the liberal arts?
Yes, as stated above many careers do not require a specific field of study. Employers do not normally list jobs with a requirement for a B.A. in English or B.S. in History but rather employers seek individuals with a set of skills or experiences. Among the most common skills employers seek when hiring new graduates are: communication skills (oral, written, and computer), critical thinking skills (analyzing information, solving problems), interpersonal skills (teamwork and/or leadership experience), strong work ethic, and most importantly - an ability and commitment to lifelong learning. All majors can develop these skills. However, this is not to say that there will be a job waiting for you upon graduation. Employers also want relevant work experience to complement your academic studies. Students who have invested some time in the career decision making process and prepared themselves by gaining real world work experience can be successful in the job search process.