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Josep Fuses, Fuses & Viader, Girona, Spain
Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 6:00pm
Josep Fuses, Fuses & Viader, Girona, Spain

PSU School of Architecture is proud to host a lecture by Josep Fuses, an award-winning Spanish architect and educator whose work explores the question “What time is this place?” His work on projects as diverse as medieval cathedrals to the most modern city halls reflects a quiet humility and a dedication to the re-use of historic and older buildings as crucial to making our urban places greener, more livable, and healthier.

The fact that most of their projects are located in Girona, Spain—a historical town of 96,000 inhabitants located halfway between Barcelona and the French border—and in the surrounding area, assists that stillness. Fuses points out that “musicians are the only ones to get applause before the performance” and consider that an architectural project can only be judged with time, once the new building has been long used.”
Fuses & Viader’s work addresses the adjacency of both materials and spaces in a poetic manner that illustrates the passage of time. Past lives of structures are revealed and rehabilitated but not embalmed. Present and future lives of the same structure coexist with the past. 
Significant award-winning projects include the restoration of the Girona and Barcelona cathedrals, new regional headquarters for the Catalan province of Girona, the Art Center of Castel Sant Julia, the administration building for the University of Girona, and several private residences.
Josep Fuses is a partner in the firm of Fuses & Viader, Girona and Professor of both Art and Architecture at the University of Girona where he heads the Faculty of Architecture.


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