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Declaring a major

Students are encouraged to declare their major before earning 90 credits. Some majors require coursework that is best started during your first year. Selecting a major is a process which begins by exploring one's self and then proceeds to exploring majors and possibly careers. This process begins in the first years of college.

A complete list of majors and links to their websites and degree maps is listed on the Undergraduate Programs page.

Once you decide on your major, you may change it online in banweb. Follow the instructions on the Office of the Registrar website. You may also do so in-person at the Registrar windows in the lobby of Neuberger Hall. It is important to seek academic advising regularly as you work to complete your degree, so be sure to reference the Advising Locations page to find your academic advisor.

Please note: Certain programs require a separate application to the major department before students are allowed to enroll in upper-division coursework in the major. This includes all majors in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science and School of Social Work. In addition Architecture, Art, and Graphic Design require a portfolio review at the junior level (90 or more credits). Music majors must audition at the time of declaring the major and pass an Upper Division Examination in order to enroll in upper-division music courses. Business majors must "opt-in" to the major in order to take 200-level BA courses.