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UNST 199/399 - College Success

For more complete information about College Success courses at PSU, please visit The Learning Center.

Created in 2002, and now offered through the Learning Center, College Success (UNST 199/399) builds on the best wisdom from innovators in psychology, education, business, sports, and personal effectiveness using the On Course Success Principles which represent eight of the essential "things" that good learners believe and do.

Founded on these timeless principles, the College Success course gives students a collection of practical success tools to empower students by giving them the outer behaviors and inner qualities to create greater success in college and in life. The course is woven around the belief that the most effective learners are empowered learners, those characterized by self-responsibility, self-motivation, self-management, interdependence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and high self-esteem.

Students will also participate in guided journal writings, learn essential success strategies, discover critical resources and actively engage with the PSU community.