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ACS Story: Elizabeth Kamerer


“I am working on my Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policy and I wanted to gain more work experience through a structured internship that related to my professional interests and career goals. I met with Jeanne and she helped me figure out how to articulate what I was hoping to learn and who to talk to that I already knew. This led to a great internship opportunity where I am now learning new skills and building my resume in an office I love. When I was applying for my first, professional level position within my field, I met with Heidi to review my cover letter and resume. She helped me tailor each to the job description, think about the big picture of what they were seeking, and structure my application appropriately. This led to me getting an interview! Lastly, I met with Greg for a mock interview. This helped me dissect interview questions and understand what they were asking for, better integrate examples from my experience, and identify my strengths as an applicant. Ultimately, this has built my confidence in interviews and helped me figure out how best to prepare for other interviews.”

-​- ​ What did you learn and how did you grow from the process.

“I find networking and interviewing to be the most difficult aspect of the job search. Working with ACS has helped me reach out to my network and continue to build relationships with mentors and colleagues. It also helped me build confidence in my skills and figure out how to best present them and improved my overall performance in interviews.”