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Academic Warning, Probation & Dismissal

Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation: Students having academic difficulties and/or those on academic warning or probation are encouraged to discuss their personal situation with an adviser. Students with an Academic Warning Hold should review the information here to understand their options for taking care of the hold. 

Additionally, students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation who receive financial aid may not be making Satisfactory Academic Progress and may have a Financial Aid Warning on their account. Please contact PSU Financial Aid for more information.

Lastly, students on academic warning and academic probation are restricted to taking 13 or fewer credit hours per term until they have achieved statisfactory academic standing. 

Dismissed Students: Students who have been academically dismissed are ineligible to register for classes at PSU. In order to be reinstated to PSU, students MUST petition the Scholastic Standards Committee for formal reinstatement. The Petition for Reinstatement requires a personal statement, academic plan, any appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., medical, personal, etc.), and a letter of recommendation. Students will need to explain the circumstances that led to academic dismissal and the circumstances that would now lead to greater success in college. It is also useful to provide documentation supporting a student's situation.  

Letters of recommendation are best written by faculty or advisers on campus (or on the campus where the most recent attendance occurred) who are familiar with students’ academic work and/or personal circumstances. Academic advisers can help clarify this process. Students who have declared majors should contact their College/School advisers; those who are undeclared/exploring majors should contact Advising & Career Services. It is a good idea to have the personal statement written and an academic plan developed before making an appointment with an adviser.

Many students who have been dismissed also have to petition for release of their Financial Aid. Students should contact PSU Financial Aid office regarding their financial aid status.

Students who are reinstated are placed back on academic probation.