Portland State University Wins NAIOP Real Estate Challenge
Author: Crista Tappan, The School of Business
Posted: March 29, 2019

Portland State University Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) students won the NAIOP Real Estate Challenge on March 20 in Belltown, Seattle. Pictured left to right is Jon Legarza, Jerome Portis, Edyta Bajena, Anthony Carnivale, Deniz Arac, Michael Oluwole, Jenny Volbeda, Eric Ziegler and professor Jerry Johnson.

Students from PSU, University of Washington and University of British Columbia were given nine weeks to create a development plan for building project, culminating with presentations to a panel of judges and NAIOP Seattle members.

“The students carefully developed a proposal that met the requirements of the competition, the needs of the property owner and the current demands of the marketplace,” said MRED Academic Director Gerard Mildner, who co-advised the team with fellow real estate professor Jerry Johnson.

MRED student Deniz Arac said that the PSU team had the most unique development proposal in the competition, which helped give them the lead.

“Our ability to justify the proposal to the judges and experts, with the right market and economic conditions, helped us create a project that was actually feasible for the subject site,” he added

The students are optimistic that their proposal may turn into reality given it’s feasibility, and they hope to see a similar project development in the area.
The winning PSU project proposal and presentation can be viewed on the Center for Real Estate’s website.