Digital Accessibility Training

What is Digital Accessiblity?

Digital, online, web, EIT, ICT...all of these descriptors apply to digital environments and resources that must be designed in a way that is both accessible and usable for people with disabilities who use alternative means of access, like adaptive technology.

"Web accessibility basically means that people with disabilities can use the [w]eb. More specifically, [w]eb accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the [w]eb…”


~ Shawn Lawton Henry, World Wide Web Consortium (2006)

How Do You Make Digital Content Accessible?

WebAIM's Introduction to Web Accessibility is an excellent resource for beginners. Portland State University's Office of Information Technology has also developed a five part "Digital Accessibility Basics" training series that leads participants through the foundational elements of digital accessibility in any platform. More focused how-to resources can be found via the Digital Accessibility Resources web page.

Digital Accessibility Basics Training Series

Please note, if you are an aspiring content editor, you will need to participate in the training via the associated D2L course in order to qualify for any content editor trainings and access to the space; please sign up for this course through the Office of University Communication's Web Communications Google site.