Built Environments

"The main function of the campus built environment is to provide places for all to learn, work, and live successfully." ~Sheryl E. Burgstahler

In built environments, PSU has guidelines for all design and new construction that go beyond compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable regulations. PSU evaluates current facilities regularly. Changes are prioritized and made on an on-going basis as funding permits, and reflect the UD values stated PSU's Universal Design Statement.

Becoming a truly accessible campus for all students, employees and visitors is an ongoing effort at Portland State University. A number of stakeholders including Facilities and Property Management, Capital Projects and Construction, the Disability Resource Center, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, and the Registrar’s Office coordinate efforts to meet the needs of students, employees and community members.

These efforts include, but are not limited to, being knowledgeable about building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act, identifying accessibility barriers, bringing non-compliant facilities and spaces up to code, responding to the requests of campus constituents, and being aware of accessibility best practices and emerging technologies.

Facilities and Property Management (FPM) funds the maintenance and repair of campus facilities, spaces and building systems in academic buildings and spaces. This work includes such things as repairing broken automatic door openers, sidewalks, ramps, elevators and removing trip hazards. FPM also funds projects that are required by city, state and federal codes, regulations and other laws. To contact FPM, please visit FPM's Contact webpage or call 503-725-3738.

Individual departments and schools that wish to increase or enhance accessibility beyond what currently exists are encouraged to do so using funds under their control. The Capital Projects and Construction (CPC) department will provide an estimate for desired work and will manage the project if the department chooses to proceed. To contact CPC, please visit CPC's Contact webpage or call 503-725-3738.

New construction and renovation projects give the university the opportunity to bring facilities and spaces up to current codes. In some cases, projects go beyond required codes and create living and learning environments that are not only accessible to all campus constituents, but also provide an equitable experience for everyone navigating to, from and within campus buildings.

Barriers to Physical Access

If you have faced a barrier to physical accessibility on campus please let us know by completing our Barrier to Physical Access online form.


Physical Accessibility Information

Departmental Contacts

Facilities Work Order Center

Website: Work Control Center
Email: 2fix@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-2FIX (2349)
Address: University Services Building, Room 202, 617 SW Montgomery St.

Environmental Health and Safety

City of Portland Emergency Preparedness Video
Website: Fire and Life Safety
Phone: 503-725-9948
Address: University Services Building, Suite 202

Planning, Construction and Real Estate

Website: Physical Accessibility
Phone: 503-725-5401
Address: Market Center Building, Suite 501, 1600 SW 4th Ave.