Accessibility Committee

Purpose Statement

PSU’s Accessibility Committee purpose is to advance universal design through the review of accessibility across the University as well as to prioritize and advocate for funding to remove barriers in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504/ADA and other laws, statutes and regulations.

In addition to compliance related projects, the committee promotes awareness of the legal rights of individuals with disabilities, and the University’s shared responsibility of providing respect and equity through universally accepted best practices to assure an inclusive environment. The Accessibility Committee functions as an advisory committee to the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion as well as the 504/ADA Coordinator.

The committee is representative of the commitment and collaboration of campus efforts toward access/inclusion.

The Committee must consist of at least 10 members and should have representatives from the following campus departments:

  • Section 504/ADA Coordinator
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Human Resources
  • Planning, Construction and Real Estate
  • Campus Public Safety
  • Office Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (Campus Recreation, Smith Memorial Student Union etc.)
  • University Housing and Residence Life
  • Office of Information Technology
  • Office of Academic Innovation
  • University Communications
  • At least one student representative
  • One faculty representative

Other Departments that are represented on the committee are not required, but may be beneficial to committee’s initiatives.

2015-16 Subcommittee Achievements

Universal Design Statement (Julie Caron, chair)

The Universal Design (UD) Subcommittee was formed to evaluate UD and provide a value statement for PSU to strive towards UD. UD is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. For more information see the Accessibility UD webpage. The subcommittee will be continuing to update the UD statement and work towards univeristy implementation.

Draft Online Accessibility Policy (Jen Dugger, chair)

The Online Accessibility Subcommittee was made of representatives from various offices including Office of Information Technology, Office of Academic Innovation, Millar Library, University Communications, and the Disability Resource Center. We created a proposal for a new University policy: The Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy. This policy would ensure that all information in University websites and course shells would be accessible. The policy would also ensure that any technology purchased or implemented by the university would be as accessible as possible. The policy would benefit people with disabilities in addition to people with different learning styles and using mobile devices.

The subcommittee successfully presented the policy plan to the University Policy Committee and was asked to return with a draft of the policy in the fall term.

Emergency Egress (Sarah Kenney, chair)

The Emergency Egress Subcommittee was charged with undertaking research related to approaches to egress and tools to assist people with disabilities during emergencies. The committee was also asked to lead the creation of formal procedures for those in need of additional assistance during emergencies. The committee is working on a number of research and communication projects that will continue in the new academic year.

Physical Accessibility Construction Projects: Fifth Avenue Cinema and Market Center Building and Resources

The Accessibility Committee receives an annual allocation of $50,000 to undertake projects that improve physical accessibility on our campus. The Committee chose to allocate 2015-16 funds to removing the lift at Fifth Avenue Cinema and creating a ramp that will provide universal access to the theaters/classrooms. This project will be completed before Fall term 2016. The Committee has already chosen to allocate 2016-17 funds to the creation of a ramp at the front entrance to Market Center Building that will provide universal access to the building. Matching funds for the project were received by Finance and Administration. The new ramp is expected to be completed during Winter 2016-17.

If you have experienced or noticed barriers to physical accessibility on campus, please complete the Barriers to Physical Access form in order to notify the committee.

If you would like to receive email notifications regarding projects that impact physical accessibility, please subscribe to the Physical Accessibility Impact Google group.

2017-18 Committee Membership

  • Arlene Amaya
    Cultural Sustainability Coordinator, Student Sustainability Center (Student Representative)
  • Jen Armbruster
    Inclusive Rec. and Fitness Center Coordinator, Campus Recreation
  • Eric Bercegeay
    Web Developer, University Communications
  • Erica Bestpitch
    Director, Women's Resource Center
  • Sam Biyazin
    President, Oregon Association of Blind Students (Student Representative)
  • Greg Blackmore
  • Instructor, Philosophy
  • Michele Bromley
    Adaptive Technology Specialist and Alternative Formats Coordinator, Disability Resource Center
  • Julie Caron
    Associate Vice President, Global Diversity and Inclusion (Co-Chair)
  • Justin Coleman
    Senior Instructor, American Sign Language
  • Jon Davis
    Fire Prevention Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Jen Dugger
    Director, Disability Resource Center (Co-Chair)
  • Max Everett
    Student Life Director, ASPSU (Student Representative)
  • Kerry Gilbreth
    Leaves Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Gerald Gotschall
    Lead Architect, Capital Projects and Construction
  • Molly Griffith
    Associate Director of Faculty Support and Emerging Technology, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Molly Gunderson
    Access Services Manager, Millar Library
  • Yesenia Gutierrez
    Director of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunities, Global Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jewls Harris
    Access Counselor & Consultant, Disability Resource Center
  • Samantha Johns
    Course Support and Accessibility Specialist, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Sarah Kenney
    Executive Administrative Coordinator, Planning, Construction and Real Estate (Co-Chair)
  • Holly Lawson
    Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
  • Adam Lutzow
    Academic Scheduling Supervisor, Registrar's Office
  • Ari Ray
    East Campus Area Coordinator, Housing and Residence Life
  • Caitlin Sweeney
    Career Counselor, Advising and Career Services
  • Jerrod Thomas
    Director, User Support Services, Office of Information Technology
  • Vacant
    Director, Campus Public Safety Office

Join the Committee

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Sarah Kenney at