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Bioscience Labs

Portland area startups have access to a new 2,600 square foot facility designed for bioscience research and development activities. For more information contact us.

6 private labs equipped with:

  • HVAC system for fume hood hook-up
  • Power outlets to back-up generator
  • Space designed for freezers
  • Compressed air and vacuum equipped
  • Secure card access
  • Office and storage space available on site

1,000 square foot lab includes:

  • 2 fume hoods in common lab
  • Lab benches
  • Autoclave
  • Lab glass washer and ice maker
  • 2 DI/RO ultra pure water dispensers
  • Available for rent by non-client companies as needed

This bioscience facility is made possible through a collaboration between Portland State University, Oregon Health and Science University and the Portland Development Commission.