Undergraduate Certificate Program Art History Postbaccalaureate

PSU graduate art history students in a musuem

Art History Postbaccalaureate Certificate Overview

Studying art history allows you to understand the visual world around us, its cultural contexts through time, and the ways in which works of art convey meaning.

Our Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Art History offers a thorough grounding in art history. Whether for professional or personal goals, studying art history builds visual, verbal, and written communication skills that are valuable in society and in the job market. Through seminars and upper-division art history courses, this 24-credit program allows you to forge your own degree path based on your interests and goals. If you have already earned a bachelor’s degree in another field, this post-baccalaureate program in art history might work well for you.


  • Small classes of 15-35 students
  • Student research opportunities throughout the curriculum
  • Opportunities to apply for travel grants for independent research
  • Faculty-lead group travel opportunities to visit museums and cultural institutions outside of Portland
  • Guest lectures representing a variety of art historical themes
  • Participation in the Portland Art Museum’s College Creative License program, offering a reduced price annual museum pass

Students in this program are required to complete a year-long art history survey as a prerequisite to the 300- and 400-level coursework. This basic preparation does not count towards the 24 credits required for this certificate. Survey courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better; Pass/No Pass grades are not accepted.

Degree Details

  • C
    Certificate Program
    Delivery Method
    On campus
    Total Credits
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Art History Postbaccalaureate Certificate: Why PSU?

Located just steps from museums and hundreds of independent art galleries, Portland State University’s location offers endless opportunities to experience Portland’s vibrant creative and cultural scene. Through our program you'll gain access to the Portland Art Museum’s College Creative License program, offering reduced price annual museum pass. You will also have the opportunity to create community through participation in our Art History Student Association.

The faculty in our art history program are active scholars as well as educators. Our art history degree is flexible and based on creating an individual path of study, so you can mesh your interests to meet your personal goals. Studying art history at PSU, you will not only grow academically: you will be challenged to explore.

What can I do with a postbaccalaureate certificate in Art History?

A postbaccalaureate in art history prepares you for a variety of careers, providing key skills that are useful in both professional and life experiences. While some of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees, many choose to pursue careers in museums, historical societies, and civic arts programs. Other options are non-profit administration, curating, teaching, as well as business careers that depend on creative thinking and strong communication skills.

  • Museum or Gallery Curator
  • Corporate Curator
  • Writer and Editor
  • Cultural Specialist
  • Art Conservation and Restoration
  • Museum Marketing and Public Relations
  • Art Consultant
  • Art Dealer
  • Art Appraiser
  • Nonprofit administration
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Lawyer (specialty in art law or intellectual property)
  • Secondary and University-level Teacher
  • Exhibition Coordinator
  • Visual Resources Curator

Featured Courses

  • ARH 337U Nature into Art
  • ARH 355 Medieval Monsters
  • ARH 371U Italian Renaissance Art
  • ARH 379 Latin American Baroque Art
  • ARH 398 Contemporary Art
  • ARH 315U Chinese Buddhist Art
  • ARH 360U Art of War: Representing the Crusades
  • ARH 319U Modern Japanese Painting
  • ARH 426U African Art
  • ARH 449 Art History Methods


  • ARH 431U Women in the Visual Arts
  • ARH 432U Issues in Gender and Art
  • ARH 357U Byzantine Art and Architecture
  • ARH 474 Art and the Early Modern City
  • ARH 392 History and Contemporary Issues in Photography
  • ARH 311U Survey of South and Southeast Asian Art
  • ARH 351U Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Art


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