Graduate Certificate Program Econometric and Data Analysis

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Econometric and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Econometric and Data Analysis is a pathway for professionals, economics graduate students, and post-baccalaureate students to sharpen their data analysis skills. Students get a solid foundation of theoretical training coupled with hands-on experience in STATA and R that are needed for empirical work. Both STATA and R are the most widely used statistical packages in economics, giving our students an edge in the job market.

Small classes with expert faculty are a feature of the certificate. Students will work closely with faculty to develop their STATA and R knowledge.

As the need for data collection grows, data analysis has become one of the most sought-after job skills. The certificate in Econometric and Data Analysis can open doors to jobs in:

  • economic analysis
  • business and policy consulting
  • financial research
  • policy evaluation

Come explore this certificate to find out how it can help you.

Degree Details

  • GC
    Graduate Certificate
    Delivery Method
    On campus
    Total Credits
    Start Term
    Fall, Summer, Spring

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Econometric and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

The Graduate Certificate in Econometric and Data Analysis trains students in the foundations of data analysis and econometrics theory. Our certificate is in-person, giving students the opportunities for:

  • interaction with expert faculty in real-time
  • intensive hands-on experiences
  • econometrics and data analysis immersive learning
  • practical hands-on experience with STATA and R

Master’s students can earn the certificate at the same time they are in a Master’s program which will save them time, money, and enhance their job skills at the end of their two-year degree program. Working professionals can finish this degree in three to four terms.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Econometric and Data Analysis?

Professionals who get this certificate will have enhanced skills in econometrics and data analysis. This will help them better understand how to do causal analysis with observational data and help them advance their careers. Graduate students with this certificate will have an edge on their competition in the job market because of their greater understanding of data analysis. Future job opportunities could include:

  • quantitative research-oriented positions for government agencies
  • investment banks
  • research institutes
  • international organizations

The certificate also prepares students for a Ph.D. in economics and related fields.

Required Prerequisite Courses

  • EC 311 Microeconomic Theory
  • MTH 261 Linear Algebra
  • STAT 452 Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists II
  • EC 469/569 Intro to Econometrics

Required econometrics core sequence:

  • EC 570 Econometrics
  • EC 571 Advanced Econometrics
  • EC 576 Implementing Econometrics with STATA and R


  • EC 517 Women in the Economy
  • EC 519 Economics of Race and Ethnicity
  • EC 520 Money And Banking
  • EC 522 Economics of Sustainability: Theory and Practice
  • EC 544 Economics of Green Power
  • EC 548 East Asian Economic Development


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