Graduate Certificate Program Applied Social Demography

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Applied Social Demography Graduate Certificate Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Social Demography at Portland State University offers students the opportunity to explore the complex issues and relationships between demographic change and its impact on communities. Many communities in Oregon, and across the U.S. more broadly, are experiencing rapid demographic change. As real-world laboratories, these dynamic urban and rural environments, in the Pacific Northwest, and around the world, provide great opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and experience of demographic change by focusing on applied, on-the-ground research.

*Applicants please note:

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The Graduate Certificate in Applied Social Demography is undergoing a program reorganization.  Individuals interested in applying to the program should first contact to clarify the status.  Thank you!

*Posted June 2021

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Applied Social Demography Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Social Demography at Portland State University draws on the expertise of faculty from departments across the university, to:

  • provide formal training in demographic data and methods
  • advance student knowledge of the methodological processes of population change (fertility, mortality, and migration/immigration)
  • foster an interdisciplinary understanding of the issues, perspectives, strategies, and solutions involved in understanding and framing the components of population change

What can I do with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Social Demography?

Students with formal training in Applied Social Demography often possess relevant skills in demographic data and methods that are well-suited for addressing social and public policy questions in regional and urban planning, spatial analysis, public policy and government, vital statistics, and public health, and facilities planning.

Featured Courses

  • USP 419 Population and Society
  • USP 520 Applied Demographic Methods I
  • USP 522 Practicum in Applied Demography


  • USP 590 Green Economics and Sustainable Development
  • AGE 516 Families and Aging
  • SOC 585 Medical Sociology
  • USP 634 Data Analysis I
  • RE 573 Housing Economics


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