Goal of reTHINK: to deliver an education that serves more students with better outcomes, while containing costs through curricular innovation, community engagement and effective use of technology.


The 2013 Provost’s Challenge funded the initial launching project for reTHINK PSU. Twenty-four innovative faculty-staff activities were selected for implementation and funding. The Provost’s Challenge will be fully implemented by June 2015. (See ).

The Four-year degree guarantee policy was implemented in 2013. (See

Academic Departments/Schools/Colleges are proceeding with actions related to the directions set during the summer of 2013 by the Academic Leadership Team (Provost, Deans and Vice Provosts). Three clusters of overlapping activities emerged for current focus and implementation. Concurrently, units will continue their work on other reTHINK actions outside of these clusters.

Pathways to Success

Design structured pathways for community college students to pursue a PSU degree.

  • Ensure curricular alignment with key strategic partners
  • Design articulation degree maps for transfer students
  • Create program-specific articulation agreements with community colleges and other institutions

Degree Completion

Advancing the goal of 40-40-20

  • Review, clarify and establish policies and practices that encourage degree completion
  • Use analytics and technology to improve student success
  • Promoting experiential learning and internships as part of career preparedness

PSU Flexible Degrees

Proposing both well-articulated pathways for undergraduate students who have attended college without receiving college credentials and creating avenues for graduate students.

  • Identify PSU degrees where 50% or more of the degree can be completed online; create a strategic plan for online learning
  • Develop greater flexibility in on-campus pathways that incorporate credit for prior learning and prior learning assessment
  • Streamline degrees
  • Develop accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees for resident, non-resident and international students