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Promotion + Tenure Guidelines


Policies and procedures for the evaluation of faculty are established to provide the means whereby the performance of individual faculty members and their contributions to collective university goals may be equitably assessed and documented. In the development of these policies and procedures, the university recognizes the uniqueness of individual faculty members, of the departments of which they are a part, and of their specific disciplines; and, because of that uniqueness, the main responsibility for implementation of formative and evaluative procedures has been placed in the departments (includes departments, schools, and other similar administrative units).

Departmental guidelines should set forth processes and criteria for formative and evaluative activities which are consistent with the department's academic mission. For example, departmental guidelines might identify evaluative criteria which are appropriate to the discipline, or might delineate which activities will receive greater or lesser emphasis in promotion or tenure decisions. They should also include appropriate methods for evaluating the interdisciplinary scholarly activities of departmental faculty. The Deans and the Provost review departmental procedures in order to ensure that faculty are evaluated equitably throughout the university.

Evaluation instruments provide a means for gathering information that can provide a basis for evaluation, but these instruments do not constitute an evaluation in themselves. "Evaluation" is the process whereby the information acquired by appropriate instruments is analyzed to determine the quality of performance as measured against the criteria set by the department.

Policies and procedures shall be consistent with sections 580 -21-100 through 135 of the Oregon Administrative Rules of the Oregon State System of Higher Education.

Approval and implementation of these policies and procedures shall be consistent with the agreement between Portland State University (PSU) and the American Association of University Professors, Portland State Chapter, and with the internal governance procedures of the University.

Each year the Provost will establish a timeline to ensure that decision makers at each level of review will have sufficient time to consider tenure and promotion recommendations responsibly.

Motion Adopted by the PSU Faculty Senate June 12, 1996

Move that the PSU Faculty Senate approve the revised Portland State University Policies and Procedures for the Evaluation of Faculty for Tenure, Promotion and Merit Increases dated 5/17/96 to become effective September 1, 1996, and implemented according to the following timetable.

Proposed Timetable for Adoption and Implementation of Proposed Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

September 1, 1996

New Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Become Effective. The new promotion and tenure guidelines will be effective for new faculty whose appointments begin after September 1, 1996 and for faculty whose promotions to Associate Professor are effective after September1, 1996.

Fall 1996

  1. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will develop multiple examples of
    • procedures that a department might adopt regarding
    • scholarly agenda
    • scholarly agenda themselves
  2. Development activities will be delivered on new Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for
    • Department Chairs
    • New Faculty
    • Department Promotion and Tenure Committees


Departments Develop New Departmental Promotion and Tenure Guidelines and Procedures.

Fall 1997

Begin implementing Scholarly Agenda in Formative Ways In 1997-98, after the development of departmental guidelines, faculty may elect to be considered for promotion and tenure under the new guidelines.

Fall 1999

Earliest possible time that a new faculty hired as of September 15, 1996 would be eligible for consideration for promotion to Associate Professor under the new guidelines. Exceptions which result in the consideration for the promotion immediately upon eligibility should occur only on the basis of extraordinary achievement.

Fall 2000

Earliest possible time that individuals promoted to Associate Professors as of September 15, 1996 would be eligible for promotion to Full Professor under the new guidelines. Promotion after 4 years will be made only in extraordinary cases.

Fall 2001

This will be the last year that faculty can go up for promotion and tenure under the Portland State University Policies and Procedures For the Evaluation of Faculty Members for Tenure, Promotion and Merit Increases dated October 1990 (reformatted September 1991). Fall 2002 In the usual course of events, promotion to Associate Professor and granting of indefinite tenure should be considered concurrently in the sixth year in rank as an Assistant Professor. In the normal course of events this would be the normal time when faculty hired as of September 15, 1996 would be eligible for consideration to Associate Professor under the new guidelines.