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Promotion & Tenure and Post-Tenure Resources

Information, policies and forms for use during the promotion and tenure and the post-tenure review cycles. The departmental chair or school/college dean are the best resources to faculty for information about these processes.

Promotion and Tenure (P&T)

P&T Guidelines
Revised & Reapproved, April 2014, Effective July 1, 2014

  • P&T Appendices/Forms--access sample of CV; 30-day Notification Letter; Report on External Letters; Letter to External Evaluators for P&T to Associate Professor & Full Professor; Letter to Evaluators outside Department for Promotion of NTTF; Routing of recommendations; Appraisal signature sheet & recommendation form; Academic professional appraisal signature sheet & recommendation form.

Proposing Revisions to P&T Guidelines Form

Dean's Checklist for P&T
Effective for faculty hired 9/2009 or later

Submitting Electronic P&T Portfolios
Instructions on filing electronic P&T Portfolios for schools/colleges

P&T Tips for New Faculty (2014)

Amended P&T Guidelines
Spring Forum Presentation (2014)

(Former) P&T Guidelines (Adopted June 2009)
This version may be used by NTTF hired before September 16, 2014, who choose the promotional pathway described in appendix IV of the revised & reapproved guidelines effective 7/01/14.

Non-tenure Track Faculty on Continuous Employment
In accordance with Portland State University (PSU) Policies and Procedures for the Evaluation of Non-Tenure Track Faculty in continuous Employment at PSU, dated May 1, 2017, hereafter referred to as University NTTF Evaluation Procedures, you, in collaboration with your faculty, are expected to add a section about NTTF Evaluation to your department’s Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Guidelines.

Post-Tenure Review (PTR)

PTR Procedures
MOU between PSU and PSU-AAUP on post-tenure review procedures.


PTR Appraisal Sheet and Recommendation Form
Review and recommendation of post-tenured faculty

Post-Tenure Assurance of Review Form
Deans report on review of all eligible post-tenured faculty

Template for incorporating PTR Procedures into Departmental Guidelines
In accordance with the Procedures for PTR , dated June 1, 2015, hereafter referred to as University PTR Procedures, are expected to add a section about PTR to the end of your department's P&T guidelines.

Additional Resources

Deadlines for Academic Personnel Actions
List of deadlines for chairs and deans to provide timing of personnel actions (i.e., PTR, P&T).

Establishment of new dean's checklist & review cycle
Effective January 2010

Cycles for annual, third year, and tenure review
Effective Fall 2009


Susan Tardif, Special Assistant to Vice Provost for Academic Personnel & Leadership Development,