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Meet Stacie Taniguchi
Meet Stacie Taniguchi
​Greetings! My name is Stacie Taniguchi and I am the Assistant Director of the Cultural Resource Centers at PSU. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I am a fourth generation Japanese American (or Yonsei) with roots in Wakayama, Shizuoka, and Hiroshima. 

At the University of California, Santa Barbara I studied Film & Media Studies, worked at the Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department, was an active member of the Student Commission on Racial Equity, and thoroughly enjoyed living next to the beach. 

At the University of West Georgia, I studied Counseling, worked at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion supporting cultural programming and queer and trans initiatives, and traveled throughout the southeast learning a great deal about "the other coast."

I've been at PSU since 2014 and I am so grateful to work with outstanding student leaders! Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, watching the Premier League, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.