Academic Affairs provides faculty, chairs and deans with policy documents and information on faculty unions, University bulletin, budget, and personnel.

Academic Policies

Academic Program Review (APR)
Policy and guidelines, templates, schedule and archived self-studies

Alteration of Academic Units
Policies and guidelines governing transfer, creation, elimination and alteration of academic units

Centers and Institutes
Policies and guidelines governing classification, creation, elimination and alteration of centers/institutes

Classroom Scheduling Policies

Copyright Policy

Grading System - Dates, Deadlines, Tutorials, FAQs & Policies

Honorary Degree

Intellectual Property

University Policy Library

Curricular Policies and Procedures
Forms for adding, changing, or eliminating courses & programs

"I" to "F" Grading Policy & Forms for Undergraduate Courses

Additional Resources

Administrative & Academic Directory

Institutional Accreditation

Integrated Planning of Enrollment & Budget (IPEB)

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

AAUP Faculty Union

Collective Bargaining Agreements, MOUs & MOAs (AAUP, PSUFA, & SEIU)

PSU Faculty Association (PSUFA)

PSUFA Bargaining Agreement

PSUFA Faculty Union

Collective Bargaining Agreements, MOUs & MOAs (AAUP, PSUFA, & SEIU)

Bulletin and Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Bulletin - Online Editing
Access reserved for authorized editors and reviewers

Bulletin, PSU
Access to current academic year and archived catalogs:1996-97 to present

Academic Personnel Policies

Bylaws Procedures and Process

Deadlines for Academic Personnel Actions

Associate Dean/Department Chair/Chair-Equivalent Process and Appointment Form

Promotion and Tenure & Post-Tenure Resources

Sabbatical Leave

Procedures for Transfer of Tenure Home