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Integrated Planning-Enrollment & Budget

At Portland State, Integrated Planning of Enrollment and Budget (IPEB), the implementation of strategic enrollment management and performance-based budgeting, presents an opportunity to forecast enrollments and budgets and allocate resources in a logical, transparent, and efficient manner.

Integrated Planning of Enrollment and Budget (IPEB)

IPEB is a model that allows units to experience the impact of well-considered strategic planning and good financial decision making. IPEB rewards achievement of specific strategic initiatives.

Strategic Enrollment Management is a purposeful planning strategy used to shape and influence enrollment to achieve student and institutional success.

Through this strategic implementation, schools and colleges now have greater flexibility in planning and decision-making regarding their resources, and for the first time in years, we were able to fund new revenue growth.

Refer to the former Provost Blog for more information on IPEB.

Performance-based budgeting (PBB) has moved PSU away from incremental-based budgeting of our Education and General Fund Budget (E&G). PBB helps to align resources with changing learning needs, program development, and quality support of faculty and innovation.

PBB's foundational principles were developed by the Financial Futures Task Force (FSBC) in 2011-12. The Task Force’s 24 members, guest members, subcommittee work groups and staff were charged with analyzing existing budget models and recommending principles specific to PSU’s needs. In 2013, the FSBC outlined a set of principles to guide budget reductions.