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2013-14 Faculty Enhancement Grant Recipients

 Daniel Ballhorn, Biology

Fungal Endophytes as Cryptic Mediators of Plant Defenseer


Sydney Carlson, Music

Commission and World Premiere Performance/Recording of New Work for Flute, Viola and Harp


Susan Chan, Music

Solo Piano CD Recording "Echoes of China: Piano Music by Chen Yi, Doming Lam, Alexina Louie, Tan Dun, and Zhou Long"


Enrique Cortez, World Languages and Literatures

The Idea of Inca Garcilaso: Biographical Imagination and Colonial Archive


Mitch Cruzan, Biology

Genomic Basis for Responses to Environmental Challenges in Invasive Plants


Catherine de Rivera, Environmental Sciences and Management

Effects of Vehicle Speed on Impact- and Turbulence-Related Animal Mortality


Yiping Fang, Urban Studies and Planning

Migration and Relocation of Rural Population for "China's urban expansion“ The Case of Chongqing


Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Effects of Cognitive Functioning on Age-Related Changes in Discourse Processing


Lauren Frank, Communication

Small Group Discussion of Health Campaigns


Andrea Goforth, Chemistry

Development of a Fundamentally New Class of X-ray Contrast Agents for Site-Directed Medical Diagnostics and Imaging


Kelly Gonzales, School of Community Health

The Tribal Gathering Garden and Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Peoples: Exploring the Interconnections Between Culture, Health, and Place


Elise Granek, Environmental Science and Management

Ecosystem Services Provided by Non-Native Mangroves in Hawaii: Examining Socio-Ecological Tradeoffs Between Management and Eradication


Nathalie Huguet, Center for Public Health Studies

Economic Contraction and Homicide-Followed-by-Suicide


Alastair Hunt, English

Rights of Romanticism


Maria Kapantzoglou, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Dynamic Assessment of Word and Grammatical Rule Learning Skills in Bilinguals


Sarah Key-DeLyria, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Sentence Processing in TBI


Brianne Kothari, Regional Research Institute

Examining Perspectives of Siblings, DHS Workers and Outside Observers to Better Understand Sibling Relationships and Promote Preventive Interventions for Youth in Foster Care


Sean Larsen, Mathematics and Statistics

Teaching Abstract Algebra For Understanding 1 ½


Haiyan Li, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Exploring Alumina-Formulated Anti-Pathogen Vaccine


Feng Liu, Computer Science: Smart Glasses

A Wearable Platform for Long-term Large-scale Human Vision Health Care Study


Chip Long, International Studies

Preparing a Scholarly Edition of Evelyn Waugh's "Life of Ronald Knox"


Amy Lubitow, Sociology: Contesting Sustainability

The Impact of Race and Neighborhood Context on Urban Cycling Infrastructure Development


Deborah Lutterschmidt, Biology

Neurobiology of Seasonal Social Behavior


Dot McElhone, Curriculum & Instruction

Examining Teachers' Specialized Knowledge for Teaching Reader-Text Interactions


Keva Miller, School of Social Work

Effects of the Intersection between Child Welfare and Criminal Justice Systems on Mental Health, Academic Achievement, and Quality of Life Outcomes for Children of Color


Jason Podrabsky, Biology

Sequencing the Genome of the Annual Killifish Austrofundulus limnaeus


Wen Qian, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Developing High-Efficient Photocatalyst Utilizing the Synergetic Effects of Graphene and TiO2


Andrew Rice, Physics

Towards Understanding Changes in the Budget of Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide in Past Decades Using Isotopic Analyses of a Rare Archive of Air


Anousha Sedighi, World Languages and Literatures

Creating a Video Component for the Elementary Persian Textbook


Hunter Shobe, Geography

The Cultural Atlas of Portland


Kenneth Stedman, Biology

A Novel Mechanism for Unprecedented Viral DNA-RNA Recombination: Preliminary Data Collection and Assay Development


Angela Strecker, Environmental Science and Management

Ecological Dynamics in Arid System Freshwater Habitats: Understanding the Influence of Water Development Projects


Stefan Talke, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hurricane Sandy:  Could it Have Been Worse?


Gayle Thieman, Curriculum and Instruction

Evaluating a Technology Immersion Pilot: Do iPads Make a Difference for High School Students' Achievement?


Greg Townley, Psychology

Assessing Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare's Supported Housing Program for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities


Donald Truxillo, Psychology

Why Is Age Associated with Employee Satisfaction and Performance? The Mediating Role of Personality


Liu-Qin Yang, Psychology

Understanding How Supervisors' Practices and Peer Support May Help Manage Workplace Aggression Towards Nurses