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2008 Fall Symposium Participants Generate Ideas for Action

On September 23, 2008, during his Convocation address, Portland State President Wim Wiewel opened a campus dialogue concerning the identification of five institutional guiding themes:

  • Provide Civic Leadership
  • Improve Student Success
  • Achieve Global Excellence
  • Enhance Educational Opportunity
  • Expand Resources and Improve Effectiveness

Vice Presidents Lindsay Descrochers, Roy Koch and Cassie McVeety, continued the topic in an introductory panel discussion at the afternoon Fall Symposium program. In their remarks, they linked some key initiatives for 2008-09 to each of the guiding themes. The themes also were discussed in relation to the academic priorities, and panelists reviewed the progress made over the last two years of planning. Symposium participants then had the opportunity to participate in break out discussions by selecting one of the five themes and suggesting what new or enhanced initiatives might be considered under each.

The Office of Academic Affairs is conducting a review of the more than 350 ideas that emerged from the break out sessions. In the table linked below, readers may see the ideas as they were communicated at the symposium by each of the guiding theme groups or may see the same ideas sorted instead into a dozen other sub-themes that have been identified by initial reviewers. Work continues on the review of the ideas with plans to further aggregate and communicate them to various administrative units for additional review and decisions on which ideas have support and can be implemented. This site will post updates.

To review the the first draft of ideas, click on Table.