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Women's Studies Scholarships


 The application deadline for 2015-16 awards has passed. Applications for the 2016-17 academic year will become available in October 2015.


Exception: Applications for the Anna T. Rigles Travel Award are accepted on an rolling basis. We are now accepting applications related to travel occuring during the 2015-16 academic year. All funds for 2014-15 have been awarded.



Ann Mussey Student Award in Sexuality, Gender, & Queer Studies

This award recognizes the accomplishments and potential of a student minoring in Sexuality, Gender & Queer Studies (SGQ Studies). The award is a tribute to former PSU WGSS professor Ann Mussey, the guiding force behind the establishment of the minor in Sexuality, Gender & Queer Studies launched in 2008. As a scholar and educator, Ann understood that the field of sexuality studies goes beyond the biological framing of sexual desire and practice, gendered behavior and identity, and the sexed body, to an analysis of how these are socially organized, even socially produced phenomena located within specific social and historical contexts and subject to social and historical change. Her commitment in extending this understanding to students came through enthusiastic collaboration with faculty, students and staff to create the first SGQ Studies minor of its kind in Oregon.  This is a one-time, non-renewable award in the amount of $500, to be disbursed prior to Fall term 2015.

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Anna T. Rigles Travel Award

Anna T. Rigles has established this travel award for students studying in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program. The award will go towards defraying conference fees and conference travel-related expenses for undergraduate students who will be presenting or attending conference(s) related to the field of women, gender and sexuality studies.  The award is for up to $500 of anticipated travel expenses.

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Please note: all funds for the Anna T. Rigles award have been awarded for 2014-15.


Frances Lenore Jones Scholarship

The Frances Lenore Jones Scholarship was established to support women students who are pursuing their education after having a family. The annual award is $4,000 distributed over three terms as $1,333/term.

Applications are invited from undergraduate students who are majoring or applying to major in Women's Studies. The scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA average and enrolls in at least 36 credits in the academic year (including summer term).

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Lancy C. Jen Scholarship

The Lancy C. Jen Scholarship was established by her family to honor her legacy as a dedicated educator. The annual scholarship award is $4,000.

Applications are invited from undergraduate students who are majoring in Women’s Studies and who are incorporating mathematics and/or science in their educational program and/or career goals. Applicants must possess high academic potential and demonstrate financial need.

Students are encouraged to meet with Sally McWilliams, Department Chair in the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to discuss how their program of study and goals might fit the criteria of this award.

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Linda C. Hummer Scholarship

Linda Hummer was a committed feminist educator at PSU. She was the college professor everyone wanted to have. She taught passionately about race, class, gender, and social justice. She inspired, mentored, and changed people's lives. Overcoming financial and physical hurdles, Linda was an inspiration to all who knew her. She was the creative force behind numerous Women's Studies initiatives designing and teaching such courses as "Gender, Class, and Culture" and "Women, Creativity, and Healing." In addition to her passion for art and gardening, Linda was dedicated to making education affordable to women students at PSU. This book scholarship has been established in her memory to continue her efforts. The scholarship will go to Women's Studies majors who have demonstrated academic excellence, performed outstanding service to Women's Studies and the community, or overcome barriers to pursue their educational goals. The scholarship is a one-time award of $450, to be disbursed prior to Fall term. Two awards will be given annually.

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Meg Eileenchild O'Hara Scholarship

Meg Eileenchild O’Hara played a pivotal role at PSU during the 1970’s in transforming an informal collection of classes focused on women and feminism into the vibrant degree-granting program that is Women’s Studies today. Meg’s vision of a program focused on feminist activism and student-centered learning lives on. As a woman whose education was interrupted, Meg understood the vital importance of student support programs and was influential in establishing the Mentor Program for Returning Women Students at PSU. This scholarship has been established to give Women’s Studies majors and post-bac certificate students, whose education has been interrupted for five years or more, a one-time award to support their academic goals. The scholarship annual award is $350.

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Roslyn Farrington Scholarship

Roslyn Farrington lived the ideal of beloved community in her teaching, organization leadership, community work, and spiritual practice. In her honor, this scholarship will support students who intend to use their education in the service of social justice.

Please note: this scholarship has a deadline of February 1, 2015 and is administered differently than Women's Studies scholarships listed on this page. View more information about this scholarship here.

Apply for the Roslyn Farrington Scholarship through the PSU Online Scholarship Application.



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