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Course Syllabi



Click on the links below to access sample syllabi for Women's Studies courses.

Women's Studies Major Core Courses:


  • WS 330U: Women of Color in the U.S.
  • WS/INTL 331U: Women in the Middle East
  • WS/SCI 347 Science, Gender, and Social Context
  • WS/ENG 372U Topics in Literature, Gender, and Sexuality
  • WS 377U Topics in Feminist Spirituality
  • WS 399 Gender & Body Image
  • WS 399 Special Studies: Women and Community Organizations
  • WS 399 Women, War & Journalism
  • WS 399 Special Studies: Writing and Activism
  • WS 410/510: Interrupting Oppression
  • WS 455/555 Gender & Education
  • WS 471/571 Global Feminisms
  • WS 410 Audre Lorde
  • WS 410 Celtic Myth, Legends & Spirituality
  • WS 410 Gender & International Development
  • WS 410 Women, Love & Self Care
  • WS 410 Women, Writing & Personal Transformation


    Sexuality, Gender, and Queer Studies Minor Core Courses and Electives

    View syllabi here.


    Gender and Sexualities Studies Sophomore Inquiry and Cluster Courses

    Available on the University Studies website.


    *To view updated syllabi or additional section syllabi, please email the course instructor directly. View instructor contact information here.