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WRC In the News

The following articles highlight some of the work of our staff:

11/21/14 Vanguard: WRC to host support workshop for non-traditional women by Andy Anady

09/09/14, The Oregonian: Ray Rice case: Domestic violence advocate says judging victim is harmful (Q&A)  by Melissa Binder

04/23/14, Vanguard: It's never too late: The average age of PSU students is on the rise (PDF) by Breana Harris

5/20/13, Vangaurd: "Hollaback! to raise awareness about street harassment" (PDF)by

2/20/13, Willamette Weekly: "A Question of force" (PDF) by Matt Kauffman

2/18/13, Vangaurd: "From the stage to a global movement" (PDF) by Jessica Miller

2/13/13, PSU TV: "The 2012 Vagina Monolouges at Portland State University" by Justin Brown

11/12/12, Vanguard: "Zines give voice to social justice" (PDF) by Robin Crowell

10/30/12, Vanguard: "Women of color combat abuse with activism" (PDF) by Andrew Morse

5/31/12, The 2011-12 Aimee Shattuck Award Recipient and Honorees Announced.

4/26/12, Vanguard: "Stopping abusers in their tracks" (PDF) by Hannah Noble
(A Q-and-A with social worker and first-time author Lynn Fairweather)

4/11/12, Vanguard: "Students encouraged to examine realities of sexual violence" (PDF) By Vanessa Wendland

1/10/12, Vanguard: "Sexual assaults lead to increased security" (PDF) by Kali Simmons

1/10/12, Vanguard: "Film screenings illuminate sex trafficking issues"  (PDF) By Desmond Fuller

Fall 2010 Student Affairs Newsletter (PDF): staff profiles on Emily Persico, Tonya Jones, and the recent CAPS/WRC collaboration.

10/26/2010, Vanguard: "Community-wide vigil to be held for Domestic Violence Month: Domestic violence murder cases increasing in Multnomah County."

10/26/2010, Vanguard: "IPVTF Letter to the Editor: Domestic Violence Awareness Month."