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Healthy Relationships & Relationship Violence

What is Interpersonal Violence?

Interpersonal Violence occurs when a person attempts to have power and control over another. The abuse can occur through the use or threat of physical, sexual, or emotional violence, economic control, isolation, or other kinds of coercive behavior.

The WRC's Interpersonal Violence FAQ has more information related to sexual assault and domestic violence and what to do if you or someone you know needs help.  Also, see the Interpersonal Violence Links below: 

    •    My relationship is healthy if…
    •    Dating Violence Continuum
    •    Red Flags for Abusive Relationships
    •    Examining Your Relationship
    •    Helping a Friend
    •    Safety Planning

For information on PSU's Policies regarding relationships between students as well as relationships between students and faculty click here.

Courtesy of the UCI Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE)

Interpersonal Violence Advocacy

The WRC Interpersonal Violence Advocate is available to answer questions or work with students dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence.  As an interpersonal violence advocate, they are here to:
    •    Provide crisis intervention, support, information, and referrals to the victim.
    •    Serve as a liaison between the victim and professional agencies and departments.
    •    Ensure that the survivor understands the systems in which she finds herself, including the roles and objectives of each agency and individuals     involved in her response.
    •    Provide non-judgmental information to the victim regarding options.
    •    Provide educational information and resource materials on interpersonal violence.
    •    Advocate on behalf of the survivor’s self-defined needs, decisions, wishes, questions, or concerns.
    •    Assist the victim with accessing and understanding University policy and university and community resources and services.
    •    Provide information to the victim on the dynamics of interpersonal violence, including victim-blaming and trauma.
    •    Provide hospital/medical and/or court accompaniment.

How to contact the Advocate:
The IPV Advocate can be reached through email at or call 503-725-5672 to schedule an appointment. For information on the IPV's privacy policy and reporting obligations, click here.

If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call Campus Public Safety at 503-725-4404, or 911.  If you need to talk to someone about a domestic violence or sexual assault situation outside of WRC office hours, please call the Portland Women’s Crisis Line at 503-235-5333, or toll free: 888-235-5333.

The WRC's Interpersonal Violence Advocate also facilitates a Healthy Relationships Group every school term.

This group is a great fit for students attempting to navigate intimate relationships and learn new skills to support healthy relationship development. This group is also appropriate for students who may be in abusive relationships or students that have left a violent relationship and are experiencing trauma and difficulty in current relationships.

For more information about the Healthy Relationships Group for next term, visit News and Events or contact Adrienne at or call 503-725-5605.