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Empowerment Program

The Empowerment Program is designed especially for women who are returning to school after an absence in their education, whether they are displaced homemakers, or are considered non-traditional students. We place particular importance on serving the needs of women of color, women veterans, student parents, first generation students, and older women who are ready to continue their education at PSU.

These are students with different needs than many traditional students. Participants in the Empowerment Program are given the opportunity to connect, share and overcome issues such as feelings of inferiority in higher education, imposter syndrome, childcare and family issues, academic struggles, and difficulties feeling integrated, or getting acclimated to the campus. The Empowerment Program can help provide resources, skills, information and support to get past these challenges.

The Women’s Resource Center provides a welcoming, inclusive and accessible space, with programs and services designed to support and empower all non-traditional women students.

The Empowerment Program offers a curriculum of workshops, training, and courses to support students’ transition to higher education, and to ensure that all students are effectively equipped to succeed at PSU.

Services provided by the Empowerment Program:

  • Returning Women Students Peer Support Group
  • Tours of the PSU campus
  • Drop-in advising
  • Resource referral
  • Leadership advising
  • Skill building
  • Peer support groups
  • Mentoring program
  • Academic workshops offered every term
  • Support for women veterans who are transitioning into higher education
  • Community college outreach to prepare students transferring to PSU
  • Support for women of color who are PSU Students
  • Networking and social opportunities
  • Scholarship research and assistance
  • A place to connect, share, and thrive

"I wanted to thank you so much for talking with me the other day!!! You are an amazing resource for me :) You and Adrienne helped me so much. I don't think I have the words to express what it did on so many levels. It helped me to be more comfortable in my own skin, thank you. Knowing that I can come in and bounce things off of you with no judgment, it helps me to navigate this new world."

Quote from PSU Student

Empowerment Program Coordinator

Anna Vetter:


College Success for Returning Women

(Previously known as the Returning Women's Workshop WS 120)


Fall Term 2014: M/W 4:40-6:40pm, with Virginia Martin (4 credits) 

UNST 199, RW1, CRN 15499 (for Freshmen and Sophomores)
UNST 399, RW3, CRN 15500 (for Juniors and Seniors)


Offered through University Studies, College Success for Returning Women (UNST 199/399) builds on the best wisdom from innovators in psychology, education, business, sports, and personal effectiveness using the On Course Success Principles which represent eight of the essential "things" that good learners believe and do. Founded on these timeless principles, the On Course text and the College Success course give students a collection of practical success tools to empower students by giving them the outer behaviors and inner qualities to create greater success in college and in life. In addition, students will participate in guided journal writings, learn essential success strategies, discover critical resources and actively engage with the PSU community. For more information contact Virginia at or 503-725-5672.