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Empowerment Program

The Empowerment Program is designed especially for non-traditional female students. We place particular importance on serving the needs of women of color, women veterans, first generation students, and women aged 22 and older.

Non-traditional students often experience additional barriers and obstacles when returning to college and completing their degree. The Empowerment Program is a place where students are given the opportunity to connect, share, and discuss issues such as feelings of inferiority in higher education, maintaining a healthy work/life/school balance, academic struggles, difficulties feeling integrated, and getting acclimated to the campus. The Empowerment Program provides resources, skills, information, and support to get past these challenges.

The Empowerment Program offers a curriculum of workshops, training, and courses to support students’ transition to higher education, and to ensure that all students are effectively equipped to succeed at PSU. For information regarding the Empowerment Program please contact our Empowerment Program Coordinator, Anna Vetter at

Services provided by the Empowerment Program:

  • Returning Women College Success Class
  • Returning Women Students Peer Support Group
  • Women’s Mentorship Project
  • Scholarship research and assistance
  • Tours of the PSU campus
  • Resource referral
  • Academic workshops offered every term
  • Support for women veterans who are transitioning into higher education
  • Community college outreach to prepare students transferring to PSU
  • Support for women of color who are PSU Students

"I wanted to thank you so much for talking with me the other day!!! You are an amazing resource for me :) You and Adrienne helped me so much. I don't think I have the words to express what it did on so many levels. It helped me to be more comfortable in my own skin, thank you. Knowing that I can come in and bounce things off of you with no judgment, it helps me to navigate this new world."

Quote from PSU Student