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Meet Raven Chakerian-Spanish

Raven Chakerian Raven Chakerian (2010) M.A.
Instructor of Spanish, M.A. 2010
Portland State University   

  An Oregon native, Raven Chakerian has also studied, worked and travelled in many areas of the world including an academic year spent at the Universidad Católica de Quito in Ecuador in 1998.  During her travels she had the opportunity to acquire fluency in Spanish, French and Italian.  She is also interested in lesser known languages and has studied Quichua, Ndebele and Sicilian.  Before completing her M.A. in Spanish at Portland State University, Raven worked as a bilingual social worker for nearly ten years.

Raven has been teaching Spanish courses at Portland State University and other area colleges since 2008.   In addition to teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Spanish courses, Raven also serves as the undergraduate Spanish adviser for PSU.  As well as focusing on Spanish language pedagogy, Raven is interested in sociolinguistics and bilingual-education.  She teaches a Bilingual Education Senior Capstone in association with which PSU students volunteer as bilingual classroom aids at Barnes Elementary School, a PSU community Partner.