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Foreign Language Requirement - CLEP Option

The Department of World Languages and Literatures accepts the CLEP examination for French, German, and Spanish. It can be used to meet the Admission, BA and MA second language requirement. The table below illustrates the scores needed to meet each requirement. Students may be awarded up to 12 credits for taking CLEP. A native speaker (defined as a person who has graduated from high school (or higher) in the target language) may not receive credit through the CLEP exam in their native language.

A student may earn credit for first-year or second-year language sequences only (101-103 or 201-203). If you have already earned credit in a higher-level language course or sequence, you will not receive credit for a first- or second- year language course or the equivalent CLEP exam.

The language sequences must be taken in order. A student may receive credit by exam for a maximum of one language sequence (12-15 credits).

Language and Score Number of Credits Course Equivalency
French 50 12 French 101,102,103
French 59 12 French 201,202,203 (BA/MA requirement)
French 40 0 Admissions Requirement
German 50 12 German 101,102,103
German 60 12 German 201,202,203 (BA/MA requirement)
German 40 0 Admissions Requirement
Spanish 50 12 Spanish 101,102,103
Spanish 63 12 Spanish 201,202,203 (BA/MA requirement)
Spanish 40 0 Admissions Requirement












  • These tests are proctored by Testing Services in the Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC). The fee is $115 ($80 to CLEP, $35 to SHAC Testing).

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