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About Us

Why call this a Vietnam-Oregon Initiative (VOI), and why the acronym VOI?

In the Vietnamese language, VOI means “go together”. The intent of the Vietnam-Oregon Initiative (VOI) is to join Vietnam and Oregon entities in the first of its kind U.S. “State” to Asian “Country” collaborative network to “go together” to achieve mutual benefits.

Who are the network members for VOI?

VOI is intended to benefit entities in Oregon with interests in Vietnam and entities in Vietnam with an interest in Oregon and the United States. VOI members in Vietnam and Oregon represent the government, academic, business and military sectors. 

Why do the network members feel a need for VOI?

Partnerships between Vietnam and Oregon entities are "relationship intensive". Currently, Oregon entities seeking to develop partnerships with Vietnamese entities are expending unnecessary amounts of resources and time to initiate valuable relationships. Many Oregon entities are going to Vietnam "on their own" and not tapping into the rich and unique network of trustworthy relationships that Oregon has intensively developed over the last decade. By tapping into this existing network of key relationships within and across the sectors, Oregon entities can reduce investment time and cost, and can accelerate the delopment and returns on their efforts. 

For information about VOI in Vietnamese, please click here. 

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